Post Production Captioning Service Review

Section 508 compliance requires that all videos be captioned so the information is accessible to the hearing impaired. If you produce videos for federal clients or work with the hearing impaired, you will need to know the difference between closed captioning and open captioning.In open captioning, the words are visible on the screen at all times. In closed captioning, the captions are hidden to most viewers and are decoded for people needing the captioning. Typically you will see a small icon on the lower right of the screen that reads, “CC”. This stands for closed captioning.Do you want to learn more? Visit Post Production Captioning Service.

Video is becoming more and more prolific online as a form of communication. You can expect more scrutiny by the government for section 508 compliance so make sure your videos are captioned. Include a line item in all future budgets to use a captioning service. Costs for captioning can average around $400 for a one hour video and about $35 for a video that is five minutes or less.You’ll need to transmit your video to a service provider via FTP or email in a compressed format. For example, you might encode an hour long video into mov format at 500 kbps with an aspect ratio of 480 by 360 pixels. Or if the original video was shot on high definition, you might encode the video into mov format at 500 kbps with an aspect ratio of 480 by 270 pixels. Once you have compressed your video, you can send it to your service provider online.