How To Sell Your House Fast

If you want to sell your house fast and for top dollar, there are many things that you need to know. Here is one. You must get your personality out of your house. All of the clutter must go. Your home must look simple and not cluttered. Potential buyers must be able to envision themselves living in this house. Your house must become a sterile model home. When your personality is all over your house, the buyer will not be able to envision him or her living in it. Did you get those words, YOUR HOUSE! They don’t want your house; they are looking for their home.Going Here

As I said earlier, I’ve flipped twenty-nine houses in the past. Every single time, that I sold a house, it was empty. I did this for two basic reasons. Number one, I wanted the potential buyer to have every opportunity to visualize their family in the house. Number 2, square footage sells. By having my houses empty, they seemed bigger. I know that you’ve heard of people flipping houses and they spend thousands of dollars renting furniture to stage a house. But, when they do that, they do two things wrong. Number one, they waste a lot of money unnecessarily. Number two, they inject some sort of personality into the house with the furniture. Remember this; what if the potential buyers do not like the furniture that you have chosen? That is a personal choice. The more things your buyer sees, the more risk you run of scaring them off.

There was a survey done on this very subject in 2008. One hundred potential homebuyers looked at one particular home. After looking, each potential buyer was asked this question. How did you like the house? 88% of those people answered with things from, I didn’t like the curtains to criticizing the family pictures on the wall, to the furniture seemed too large for the area. That is 88% folks, and none of that criticism had anything, what so ever, to do with the house itself. One man was selling his house and it was full of beautiful hardwood antique furniture. The problem was 90% of his potential buyers had no taste for antiques. They thought it made the home look old.

Conclusion; everyone has different taste. Your job is to make your house as neutral as possible, and to take your personality out of the equation. If you have pictures of your family on the walls, take them out before selling your house. Do you have magnets on your refrigerator holding mementos of your trip to Europe? If you do, remove them and let your refrigerator ring through. How about toys? Put them away.